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TEŞLEYİCİ Atesleyici Fireworks inc. has been established to provide Professional Firework Displays, Laser and Multimedia Displays in Turkey since 2004. Since 2004 We have organised fireworks, laser and Multimedia shows in international and national organisations, weddings, concerts, film, spacial events and other sectors.
  • Satisfaction

    Our main aim %100 customer satisfaction for our displays.
  • Quality

    We always use CE and BAM cartificated Products from European well-known fireworks manufacturers.
  • Experience

    Both international and local displays we are the leading fireworks company in Turkey
  • Technology

    We use high end technology in our displays. We have patented Computerized fireworks firing system called PYRODIGY.
  • Timing

    We perform our demonstrations with excellent timing and unique combinations.


Purchasing and Sales – We have attained knowledge and proficiency while working with the permission from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to purchase, sell, and with authorisation to use and transport up to 1,5 tones per day.


Usage Permits – Fireworks article Purchase and Use Permit. Is issued by the Ministry of the Interior in accordance with the charter of the Council of Ministers dated 14/08/1987 – number 87/12028.


Securty Licence – Explosive Material Transportation Safety Certificate. Is issued by the Ministry of the Interior in accordance with the charter of the Council of Ministers dated 14/08/1987 – number 87/12028.


Initiator Certificate – Class A Ignition Proficiency Certificate is issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


Insurances – Hazardous substance (fireworks) class explosive substance transport liability policy. It is issued by private insurance companies.


Liability Insurance – It is covered by third party liability insurance. Private insurance is not compulsory and is voluntary.


Attention to unlicensed Companies !


ur company, which is registered with the Ministry of the Interior’s Police General Directorate, has all the necessary documentation on its activities. Fireworks class explosives purchasing and selling license, explosive substance safety certificate, Class A Ignition certificate of competence, third party have material liability policy documents.
Unlicensed companies that have emerged in recent years are threatening your life and property safety. These companies without a license, without a license and no liability insurance, have taken the principle of monetary gain as a priority over what a handful of explosive substances can lead to. We strongly recommend that you, our valued customers, submit to our companies that they will deliver the most valuable day-to-day responsibility that you can not compensate, and that you will work with companies that do not submit the certificates, especially those that do not submit the authority documents.

Our Brands


mong the main products our company specializes in, sells and uses for professional fireworks; 1.3G and 1.4G international security code Professional display shells, cakes, roman candles,special effects and their ignition systems, launching mortars and racks and amateur use colorful torch, fire waterfall, indoor outdoor stage fountains, confetti , Firearms, torpedoes, sparklers as well as laser systems and equipment with various output powers for indoor and outdoor areas.



yrodigy name Computerized Firing systems; Fast (250,000 bps), reliable (128 bit AES Encryption) computer controlled wireless Ignition system produced by our engineers. All of the computer-assisted ignition systems and equipments used in professional fireworks displays are manufactured 100% locally. Our production in our world enables the simultaneous display of music with the so-called fireworks art with the high-tech Pyrodigy named wireless ignition system. The igniter specializes in laser tracing programs and laser systems designed by engineers. For more information about Pyrodigy, please contact us.


ality. Our displays we use carefully selected first class Amateur and Professional Show products.


horeography.We have capabilty to make 3D laser ve projection shows with our high end systems.


oftwares. Our company uses the most advanced Laser system control systems in the world.


ardwares. We have Fireworks firing systems, Laser and projection control units.

Fireworks Explosive Magazine


ur permits are provided from the 110 ton capacity aboveground explosive Magazine in the city of Adapazari.
Explosive Magazine in Turkey
Explosive Magazine in Turkey
Explosive Magazine in Turkey
Explosive Magazine in Turkey
ATESLEYICI; is the latest generation fireworks display specializing in professionalism, quality, use of the latest technology, and most importantly, the principle of keeping the front panel safe, fireworks, laser and multimedia displays. Our company’s priority is not to put human health in danger, but to perform controlled demonstrations. The Atesleyici team is someone who has the luxury of understanding how risky this industry is, how it is never mistaken and never feels heroic, and how a handful of explosive dust can harm people. Our company, which started its activities in 2004, has made numerous displays both in Turkey and abroad. For more information, please contact with us
info (*) atesleyici.com.tr
(+90) 216 575 6119

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